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Fire and Rescue NSW – PSA will continue to take a collaborative approach to change

Where organisations are undertaking a period of challenge, change and opportunity, research continues to demonstrate that providing notice and information while adopting a collaborative approach to change will ensure the smoothest transition and minimal disruption.

It is therefore disappointing that Fire and Rescue NSW have directed non-station based staff to return to the workplace for a minimum of three days per week without inviting consultation with staff or PSA. It is unclear from the information provided if these changes require an update to existing policies. PSA members have contacted their union to clarify if we have been consulted as part of this change, we have not. Throughout the pandemic and after, PSA has made itself available to consult on changes to working arrangements that guarantee operational outcomes can be achieved while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff.

How to give your feedback on the change – PSA Advice

Staff have been encouraged to direct questions or concerns to the Executive Business Unit via email and in lieu of any formal consultation process, PSA encourages members to engage and take the opportunity to provide feedback. If you would prefer to provide deidentified feedback, please contact the PSA and we will facilitate this.

With the changes set to take effect from 1 March 2024, PSA is hopeful that a collaborative consultation process can still occur to ensure a smooth transition and a positive impact to workplace culture at FRNSW. Please contact the PSA via the Member Support Centre by emailing to provide feedback regarding this change.

All staff are still entitled to request flexible working arrangements and adjustments, particularly those with caring responsibilities and to manage disability, illness, or injury. Contact the Member Support Centre for more information.

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