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Important update: Office of Sport COVID-19 measures

The PSA requested a briefing on Office of Sport (OoS) responses to COVID-19 to ensure the Workplace Health and Safety of staff is front of mind in its provisions for and communications with staff, during this challenging time.

You can read information on your workplace conditions during Covid-19 HERE.

Your Work Health & Safety

The PSA has sought assurance the Office of Sport is employing appropriate workplace safety controls, sensible provisions and employee support compliant with health recommendations: The PSA asserted OoS should heed World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations including:

  • Making workplaces are clean and hygienic
  • Promoting regular hand-washing by employees, contractors and customers
  • Promoting good respiratory hygiene in the workplace
  • Advising people to consult travel advisories before work trips
  • For places where COVID-19 is spreading in the community, asking people to stay home from work if they have symptoms.

In response, the PSA has been provided with copies of the COVID-19 CEO updates to staff and advised on the workplace measures being applied at the department, including enhanced facility cleaning, minimised meetings, restricted access to facilities and publicising of the provisions of Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular 2020-01 Employment Arrangements During Covid-19 Circular (C2020-1).

We are assured staff have been provided with access to current information from the NSW Health.

The Office is also testing its IT infrastructure to support a significant number of staff working from home or remote locations as the situation progresses. Current advice is that staff attend for duty at their normal workplaces as far as practicable at this stage, but if you have individual health and safety concerns or carer’s responsibilities the PSA would advise that you should discuss these with your manager.

We are advised a dedicated steering group is meeting on daily to assess the situation and for the OoS to be responsive.

Casual staff

The Association continues to advocate concerning what provisions are being made for the large number of casual workers at Office of Sport. The Office has undertaken to address the issue and progressively review matters on advice and directions from the NSW Government. The Association awaits further advice on what is being done to maintain the income and employment of casuals at the Office of Sport at this challenging time.

Your safety

Your employer is responsible for the safety of all staff. If you have concerns for your health and safety, such as unsafe work practices or absence of PPE, please raise them with your supervisor, manager or team leader. The Department stated it is currently having trouble in securing hand sanitiser and some PPE.

If the concerns are not addressed, please lodge an incident report through SAP immediately and contact the PSA if no prompt action is taken to address your concerns.

Member Support Centre: 1300 772 679

Vulnerable workers

Some workers, such as those listed HERE, are at higher risk due to age, current medical treatment of existing medical conditions.

If you believe you fall into this category of worker, you should email your line manager requesting modified duties in order to avoid or minimise client contact and / or work from home.

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