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Officer A update

The trial of Officer A has been proceeding for the past four weeks.  Today the jury came back to the judge and stated they could not find a unanimous or majority decision.

The judge then dismissed they jury, which means it is a hung jury. The judge has set a date for mention which is 8 December 2022. Both parties need to supply available dates for next year for the retrial. Officer A remains on bail with no variation to his conditions. There is still a suppression order regarding his name being made public.

Officer A has maintained a calm and professional manner throughout this whole ordeal and is still optimistic and appreciative of the support that has been given to him since this incident occurred.

We understand this outcome is not what members wanted or expected and it only continues to raise concerns for all members who carry out armed escorts and towers.

The PSA and POVB have requested an urgent meeting with the Commissioner for tomorrow, to seek direction and an increase in protection for staff. This could be the use of restraining belts, staffing and other personal protection equipment.

A further bulletin will be distributed with the outcome of the meeting.

The PSA and POVB would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff who attended the trial and showed support to Officer A and his family. Many of these staff members did so in their own time. The professionalism shown throughout by the supporting staff was exceptional and did not go unnoticed by legal professionals and court staff.

We would also like to make special mention to the court escort security staff who attended and supported Officer A and his family on entry and exit of the court. Their professionalism and dedication to ensuring that Officer A and his family were safe and supported was exceptional.

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