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Positive COVID-19 case: Mid North Coast Correctional Centre update

The PSA is aware there has been a positive COVID-19 case at the centre.

We understand the centre is in lock down and the Governor has updated staff. Several positive cases have been identified with inmates and staff.

Corrective Services, with NSW Health, has used movements registers and CCTV to identify close contacts, who have been directed to stay home. NSW Health is undertaking a risk assessment to ascertain the risk of infection

Non-Custodial members are still being asked to work with their management and if they can work from home to continue to do so.

Moving forward, the DCS will continue to monitor staffing levels and rosters and provide relief staff if required.

In light of this situation, all members are asked to maintain their adherence to statewide and local COVID safety circulars and directions. All members are asked to adhere to directions and health orders from NSW Health, including isolation requirements

Special Leave

Special Leave may become available if you need to isolate, are diagnosed with COVID-19, or schools are closed and several other scenarios, through Premiers Circular 2021-14. If you have utilised your 20 days’ Special Leave, Corrective Services is authorised by the Premier and Cabinet Department to provide additional Special Leave on a case-by-case basis

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ Compensation has a deemed liability provision for prison staff for catching COVID-19 under Section 19B of the Workers Compensation Act 1987. This can support you in recovery for income support and medical expenses. Please note that weekly payments may differ and it may be up to you to determine the best approach of seeking income support. This will depend on your circumstances and previous earnings and availability of income support through Special Leave and workers’ compensation.


Staff are reminded to read Commissioner’s Instruction No51/2021 regarding the Department of Communities and Justice vaccination policy requirements

The PSA is here to assist. Please contact your state Exec or Organiser if you need to clarify anything regarding this outbreak.

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