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POVB benchmarking bulletin

POVB benchmarking bulletin – December 2017 (PDF version)

We are currently waiting to get confirmation Berrima and St Hilliers Benchmarking numbers have been signed off.

In regards to Mannus Benchmarking, we have informed CSNSW we are not happy with the staffing numbers and more staff are required for safety, security and to meet the KPIs.

We are before the IRC on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 and information will be disseminated after that.

The POVB Executive advises centres that are in their first phase to not rush the process and try to get it finished before the Christmas period commences. Take the extension that was given by CSNSW and make sure your staffing figures and purposeful day is the best that it can be. Keeping in mind all centres need to make sure that in the documents there is a plan for meal breaks so staff can have a break from the inmates.


We met with CSNSW management on 5 December 2017 for the consultative process. Issues that were raised are as follows:

  • Inmates receiving medication packs for the month which is then becoming currency in the centre and there is no follow-up to see if the inmate is taking the medication. Some of this medication can be psych medication and if taken incorrectly can have negative effects on inmates.

Justice Health is responding to this issue.

  • Consultative – 4 October 2017 – Assault Committees for centres was raised.

CSNSW has drafted business rules in regards to this and once finalised they will be given to PSA for input.

  • Consultative – 4 October 2017 – Ability to see video footage prior to doing reports.

Waiting to have feedback from Peter Robinson and James Kouroulis.

  • RIT Policy – This has been raised over several meetings. The main concern is the policy for Court Locations – Amber Laurel. The issue has been moved from the Consultative process to the COPPS – Policy process. PSA/POVB feel that CSNSW is not prepared to hear our concerns and their reply back to us is that the previous Executive agreed to the new policy. The current POVB is working on putting this to the IRC.
  • PSA wrote to CSNSW requesting a day be allocated to present staff with awards.

CSNSW is in favour of this and will work on how it will be done around the state. Once we have more information it will be disseminated to members.

  • Firearms Training – It was raised members have not been recertified in items such as weapons and batons.

Mark Wilson stated training is demand-driven. Staff can ask for training locally and the training should be done by the local FTOs. If this cannot be facilitated it can then be raised to Steve Davis.

We also discussed training for Hospital Escorts and CSNSW stated they have completed a training package that will be put out to staff in the future.

My Performance should also assist in seeing who needs what training and centres can look at that to get training organised for the centre.

  • Amber Laurel/Surry Hills/Police Cells – ISP monitoring technology not working.

C. Osland informed us he had it verified that it was working.

Standing State for Amber Laurel was raised.

C. Osland stated Amber Laurel got extra staff for this purpose. Jason to liaise with Amber Laurel and confirm this.

Wagga CESU personal protection equipment.

C. Osland stated it was in and he was organising training for the equipment to be carried out. We requested, if possible, if this could this be done by Christmas.

Raised quarterly meetings with CESU union delegates – phone hook-up be approved.

M. Wilson had no issues with this.

Queanbeyan – only had laptops due to issues with the NBN rollout.

K. Bennet to follow up on this issue.

  • Cert 3 – Casuals being told they cannot start their assessments until after 11 months. POVB stated this puts them at a disadvantage as it is a prerequisite for permanency.

HR to confirm if this is correct. I am hearing that casuals now have access. Will confirm this.

  • Transfer lists – Various issues raised about the policy.

CSNSW stated the previous Executive approved the policy. CSNSW was informed the policy did not go out to membership. We are informed policies are fluid and when CSNSW wants to revise a policy there is no issue so we should have the same process afforded to us.

CSNSW HR will have discussions with Directors and in the New Year this issue will be addressed.

  • DTM – PSA/POVB raised the motion from November meeting that we only accept having two meetings a year, not one.

If there is no outcome to this issue it may have to go before the IRC in the New Year.

  • Bullying and harassment – PSA/POVB raised the People Matter Survey – still no real feedback from that. PSA/POVB believes the issue of bullying and harassment is high in most centres.

CSNSW would like to work with PSA and the POVB across all branches to address this issue. We are in agreement.

  • Sterile zones – CSNSW raised this and wanted feedback to see if our stance has changed.

The POVB Executive put out a bulletin stating any sterile zone check that needed to be conducted and the ground was uneven or unstable – it is not to be carried out by a POVB member for safety reasons. If a centre has done a risk assessment or fixed the risk then sterile zones can be checked by us. However, we made it clear that if a centre had uneven or unstable ground and the risk was still present we would not be doing the internal sterile zone check.

  • Kirkconnell vehicle – we raised that the vehicle that was lent to Bathurst should be returned to Kirkonell due to the remoteness of the centre.

Mr Farquhar will deal with this issue.

  • Members are being informed compassionate transfers are no longer available. Is this correct?

CSNSW stated compassionate transfers are still looked at on a case-by-case process.

  • HR issues – three by SCOs that would like to be placed elsewhere out of John Morony. Also one by a JM member who went to Mary Wade whilst waiting for placement to Berrima.

HR is waiting on Berrima’s numbers to be approved. Once that happens the JM officer will be offered a position.

HR is in the process of looking at placement of the 3 x SCOs.

  • Is it correct that CSNSW is trialling that CSNSW staff will assist in the charge room at Wyong?

CSNSW confirmed this is not correct.

  • HR issue – a member had applied and was successful in working in Community Corrections. To be successful in ongoing permanency in this role you must complete the course in the Academy. During this time, there is a probationary period. The member wished to return to his role as a Custodial Officer at his previous workplace prior to completing the course. He was informed he could not.

CSNSW HR is now in agreement he can. Members need to be aware that now if members wish to move over to Community Corrections you may be probationary but your position is not kept at the centre you worked in. You go as an ongoing role in Community Corrections and if unsuccessful during the probationary period you will be placed at a centre where there is a vacancy, not necessarily back in the centre you came from.

  • Boots – Members are having trouble getting authority to get boots as they may be over their $250 for the year. They then go and purchase their own boots and they are being told that unless they have a certificate stating they need to have their own boots they will be sent home. This is not happening in all centres.

S. Frey to look into this. Natalie Howes will raise this at the Uniform Committee meeting on Wednesday, 20 December 2017.

  • Casuals – POVB has raised on numerous occasions that we have concerns with how Casuals are being managed, such as not being allowed to take sick leave if on a T/E and if they do they then get taken off T/Es.

POVB will meet with John Buckley in the New Year to address our concerns.

  • Ivanhoe – Short staffed and it is becoming dangerous.

HR has put out an expression of interest for this location.

Christmas and New Year

The POVB Executive would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year. We would like to thank the delegates for the work they have done throughout the year and their assistance since we have been elected.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Executive for the work that they have done since being elected. It has felt like our feet have not touched the ground. Their support and work to do the best for the membership has been amazing. The same goes for PSA – David McCauley, Andrew Wright, Julie Bond, Evan Cole and support staff.

I hope that you all stay safe and your time with your families is filled with lots of love and good times.

Nicole Jess

Contact Details

Nicole Jess – Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton – Vice Chairperson
0401 500 976

Thor Sutherland – Country Chairperson
0447 633 476

Natalie Howes – Secretary
0407 011 441

Darren King – Assistant Secretary
0407 935 039

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