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POVB Bulletin – POVB Awards

On National Corrections Day, we recognise the magnificent work that Corrective Services staff do contributing to the reduction of inmate reoffending. Correctional Officers are the frontline workers who maintain the safety & security of correctional facilities throughout Australia, helping to protect the community. That work is rarely seen or recognised by the community so it is important that we highlight the good work we do on National Corrections Day on the third Friday of January each year.

In NSW, the POVB recognises the outstanding work of Delegates and Members by presenting Awards in the following categories; POVB Life Membership, POVB Outstanding Achievement and POVB Delegate of the Year.

POVB members have the opportunity to nominate someone for a POVB Life Member Award or POVB Outstanding Achievement Award by the closing date: Monday 31 October 2022.

The POVB Life Member Award is presented to a maximum of one person per year to a Delegate or Member (past or present) who has dedicated in excess of 10 years’ outstanding service to the POVB, someone who has worked tirelessly in promoting the POVB, people who have contributed through challenging times of restructures, privatisation, award negotiations, supporting staff through disciplinary action and fighting for better conditions for Correctional Officers. They have done this, quite often in their own personal time at the expense of their own careers They do this because they strongly believe in the POVB, the role that we do as Correctional Officers and the people they work with every day.

Click here for the POVB Life Member Nomination Form. All 10 people signing the nomination form must be financial POVB members. Nomination forms can be scanned and emailed to POVB Secretary Natalie Howes –

The POVB Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded to a POVB member who has done something outstanding in the past 12 months, either at work or in the community. Those who have done something impressive at work, or given their time for charity, community service or achieved at a high level in sport, for example. If you know of a POVB Member who would be a fitting recipient for this Award, please email giving their name and a description of why they should receive the Award.

All nominations for POVB Life Member and POVB Outstanding Achievement Awards will be voted upon by POVB Delegates at the POVB Management Committee on Monday, 7th November 2022. The POVB State Executive will also select the POVB Delegate of the Year.

The POVB Awards will be announced and presented on National Corrections Day, Friday, 20 January 2023.

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