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POVB bulletin Section 19 Award review

POVB bulletin Section 19 Award review – November 2016 (PDF version)

Every three years, the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW (IRC) conducts a review of all awards it presides over. This process is referred to as a ‘Section 19’ Award Review.

The purpose of a review is to modernise awards, to consolidate awards relating to the same industry and to rescind obsolete awards.

Members have raised concerns in relation to:

  • Clause 10 – Hours of Work
  • Clause 12 – Rostered Days Off and
  • Clause 21 – Performance Management.

A change was made to Clause 10 – Hours of Work with the insertion of a new subclause:

(v) If a crib break referred to in subclause (iv) is not able to be taken, a Crib Break Penalty may be applicable as set out in Clause 5 of Schedule B of this Award.

This entitled Officers to an additional payment when crib breaks cannot be taken.

There were no changes made to Clause 12 Rostered Days Off or Clause 21 Performance Management.

The PSA will work harder to keep members informed through closer contact between delegates and their industrial staff.

New PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little has requested a report from the State Chairperson and State Secretary of the POVB on the Market Testing of John Morony Correctional Centre and the Benchmarking process as well as the current position of the proposed One Award.

Any member with concerns should speak to their local delegates so those concerns can be raised during the POVB Management Committee meeting to be held on 6, 7 and 8 December 2016.

I wish to attend all sub-branch meetings to ensure these sorts of concerns are dealt with appropriately and swiftly through the delegate structure. Please advise me of your local union meeting dates.

David McCauley
Industrial Advocate
Prison Officers Vocational Branch

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