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POVB Bulletin – Shortland Sub-Branch

Shortland POVB Sub-Branch moved a motion today calling for support of statewide industrial action.

Read motion here:

We, the members of the Shortland POVB SUB-BRANCH, hereby inform Shortland Centre Management the following:-

On Wednesday, 15 March 2023 Vice Chair Jamie Hopley and Secretary Peter Cargill attended a monthly PSA Consultative meeting when they witnessed comments made by FM Kevin Fittler – Shortland COVB Chair – stating and ensuring his comments would become reflected on record, that Shortland POVB Chair Ozzie Zerdo had intentionally engaged in an act of misleading members by disseminating information that both the COVB and POVB would follow the document referred to as the ROCI specifically detailing roles and responsibilities of the Functional Manager rank.

We find these comments to be an affront to the entire membership and ostensibly goes against the spirit of the undertaking agreed to in the IRC on 19 January, 2023 – Case ID 2023/17976 and to ultimately unnecessarily increase industrial tensions.

Subsequent to the comments made by FM Kevin Fittler, we note TWO detailed communications from the PSA State Executive – Dated 17/03/2023 and 21/03/2023 – focusing on the roles and responsibilities of the FM rank with specific focus on ensuring that there would be no pushing down of duties from the FM rank effectively bound by the ROCI.

We say CSNSW has an incumbent responsibility under Section 55C, 55D WHS to address lack of role clarity and further to remove ambiguity surrounding status quo with regards to ongoing discussions.

We therefore demand that FM Kevin Fittler retract unconditionally his comments to ensure the reduction of industrial tensions. 

Although the issues listed in the Shortland motions relate to disputed roles and responsibilities, (ROCI/SOCI), the demand for a Shortland Functional Manager to retract a statement is a local Shortland issue.

The POVB State Executive does not endorse statewide industrial action in support of the Shortland POVB Sub-Branch motion.  We ask that all POVB sub-branches seek advice and direction from the POVB State Executive when seeking statewide action.

The statewide issue relating to roles and responsibilities has been explained in a recent Bulletin to POVB members on 17 March 2023 and can be read HERE.

The POVB State Executive will continue to support the Shortland POVB Sub-Branch in their local dispute as well as continue with consultation regarding roles and responsibilities and will keep POVB members updated.

POVB State Executive

Jason Charlton – Chairperson

Keith Smith – Vice Chair

Savannah Walker – Secretary

Andrew Brown – Assistant Secretary

Darren King – Country Vice Chair

Trevor Clark – Country Vice Chair

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