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POVB Workers Comp Top-Up Policy

To further defend the safety and welfare of all staff in Correctional Centres across NSW, the branch has introduced a new Workers’ Compensation Top-Up Income Protection policy.

This policy is available exclusively to POVB members and is operated through WageCover.

Why a new policy?

With nearly one in five correctional workers currently on a claim, and with claims taking, on average, more than 36 weeks to process, we have seen 919 members experience a drop in wages in the past three years.

This represents nearly $7.5 million in lost wages.

How does it work?

Purchasing both the WageCover policy and POVB Cover will give you 24/7 cover for your loss of wages should you become injured or sick.

Under the two policies, you will be covered for your loss of wages up to $1000 for an incident outside of working hours and up to 95 per cent of your wages during work hours.

Members can purchase the POVB Cover for Workers Comp top up as a stand-alone policy.

All cover is tax-deductable.

How do I apply?

Go to the POVB website (www.povb.com.au) and click on POVB Cover and WageCover.



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