PSA lodges IRC dispute with EPA - Public Service Association

PSA lodges IRC dispute with EPA

Dispute with EPA - July 2020 (PDF version)

On Monday, 20 July, the CEO of EPA called a meeting with your union, the PSA. The purpose of the meeting was to begin consultation regarding the upcoming transfer of programs, grants, and the container deposit scheme from EES back to the EPA.

Following this meeting, communication was provided to EPA staff by the CEO, who announced certain staff will be transferred from EES to the EPA. Changes to the EPA division structures were also mentioned in the communication.

The PSA was not consulted on these changes and was only made aware of them after PSA EPA members brought it to the union’s attention. Following this, on Tuesday 21 July, the PSA become aware of the upcoming administration review. Again the PSA was not consulted.

There was ample opportunity for the PSA to be informed of these two upcoming changes at Monday’s meeting. However, the EPA failed to do so. Due to this egregious failure, the PSA immediately lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission, which is currently listed for 24 July.

Whilst this dispute involves the lack of consultation on the upcoming divisional changes and administration review, the PSA is currently seeking feedback from members on the proposed move of programs, grants, and the Container Deposit Scheme back into EPA. Please provide all feedback to your organiser Chris Bird at .

The EPA has shown significant disregard for the appropriate consultation processes, fought for and won by union members like yourself. Now is the time to encourage your colleagues to JOIN the PSA so we can continue to effectively represent the interests of staff at the EPA and EES.

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