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PSA Meeting in Bathurst Re Staffing Crisis

The PSA is aware of the current serious staffing crisis at Police Link, particularly in Lithgow. Management needs to take urgent action immediately to persuade staff that PoliceLink is a good place to work, to avoid future large staff losses.

Police Link is making things worse by continuing to add new streams for CSRs, resulting in staff working more day shifts, losing their penalty rates, and having their preference shifts being thrown out.

The PSA are holding a campaign meeting about a Public Sector Pay Rise at 5:30pm, 28 April at the Bathurst Panthers Club, see here. The PSA Organiser for Police Link, Glenn Duncan, will be attending from 4:30pm to talk to Police Link members and will also stay after the event to talk to other Police Link members.

If you or your colleagues want to get involved in effective change in Police Link, please forward them this bulletin, or they’re welcome to email Glenn at or the Bathurst Regional Organiser Belinda Pearce

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