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Restructure update: PSA meets with CSNSW regarding SAPOs and MOSPs

On 2 December 2022, the PSA met with CSNSW regarding the industrial implications of the restructure on SAPOs and MOSPs. The following agenda items were put to CSNSW by the PSA:

Changes to MOSP role and what’s happening with the RSMs

The PSA requested information regarding these roles. CSNSW advised that the RSMs are moving to the correctional practice unit and will undertake a similar function as they do now. However, no Director for the unit has been appointed yet and CSNSW will need to work closely with Community Corrections on this issue. Further, the working group for this area has not finalised its work. The 11/12 roles which CSNSW have proposed at larger centres are still being considered, and the RSM could apply for these roles.  The 11/12 role will be equivalent to manager of security role and will assist staff in the delivery of services in line with an offender’s case plan. A 9/10 role is envisaged for smaller centres.

CSNSW also advised that they will include people in remand in terms of how they measure service delivery.

Future direction for HIPUs and IDATP

There is no plan from CSNSW to change the operation of these areas at this stage, with exception to the manager for IDAPT. Regarding the model where staff report to the governor, CSNSW are looking to make this more of a strategic role with responsibility of the 11/12 across Dillwynia and Geoffrey Pearce CCs CSNSW advised that there are no planned changes to the HIPUs.

Aboriginal SAPO roles are not clearly defined

The PSA advised that Aboriginal SAPOs don’t have clear duties and are employed against a generic role description. Therefore, the MOSP or RSM can direct them at their will and there is no consistency between centres. This often means that the Aboriginal SAPO is totally overworked. The PSA also asked about the RAPOs.

CSNSW agreed with this statement and noted that they needed to think about the purpose of an identified role. There will be a strategy role within CSNSW to ensure that identified roles are in line with the overall goal of reducing Aboriginal reoffending.  In relation to RAPOs, CSNSW are hoping to have discussions with them next week, with a particular focus on how to enhance their reporting lines and offer support.

The PSA inquired as to whether there will there be more identified positions as the whole point of the restructuring is to reduce reoffending. CSNSW responded and stated that part of CSNSW’s strategic plan is to increase Aboriginal employment within CSNSW to 7% by 2030.

Continued facilitation of programs by SAPO in the community and in custody

In relation to the community based SAPOs, the PSA asked what changes will be made and who will facilitate community-based services and programs. Will the function go back to Probation and Parole or will SAPOs have to work across community and custodial?

CSNSW advised that the community SAPOs will either work within the gaols or in the community. Currently there is a 70/30 split between custodial and community SAPOs. There will also be integration with Community Corrections. Executives within CSNSW are looking at potential roles for Community Corrections officers and will met with Community Corrections management next week. The biggest challenge here will be dealing with the number of Community Corrections offices across NSW.

The PSA questioned whether Community Corrections will co-facilitate programs with SAPOs.  The PSA also requested specific information on how SAPOs assigned to community will work with Community Corrections.

CSNSW advised that this was not determined yet and everything was still “on the table” regarding models. CSNSW also informed the PSA that they are considering a return to the case conference model, a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitate an offender. However, everything would come under the 11/12 manager from a case management and advocacy perspective.

The PSA will meet again with CSNSW on 9th December 2023 in relation to Sentence Administrations & Classification.

PSA Industrial Staff

Chris Auld – Organiser

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer


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