State govt one step closer to Grafton jail closure - Public Service Association

State govt one step closer to Grafton jail closure

The PSA has condemned a State government decision to slash up to 92 jobs from Grafton Correctional Facility, more than 80% of its current workforce.

PSA Assistant Secretary Shane O’Brien says the severe job cuts are clear evidence of the Liberal Coalition government’s agenda to close Grafton jail.

“The Grafton Correctional Facility staff are among the first casualties of Premier O’Farrell’s 10,000 public sector job cuts in the recent State budget,” Mr O’Brien said today.

“Prison officers, non-custodial staff, teachers and other staff have been told they will lose their job in two weeks, leaving no time for making adequate preparations for their families and future employment.

“Any claim by the NSW government that Grafton jail won’t close down is nothing but a lie. You don’t use a 277 bed facility as a transitional facility for 60 inmates if you plan to keep the jail open in the future.

“Grafton Correctional Facility might still be there but the jobs have well and truly gone. The loss of prison officer and other frontline support staff at Grafton will have flow on impacts for local jobs and the regional economy.

“The real victims of this mean and tricky strategy are correctional facility workers and the public who are being kept in the dark about the true plans for the state.

“Local member, Chris Gulaptis, said he was working with the Attorney-General to minimise job losses, if 92 people out of work is the best he can do then maybe it’s the local member that should go,” Mr O’Brien said.

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