The latest on the fight for your pay rise

There have been significant media discussions over the weekend regarding your public sector pay rise.

This media has included suggestions of one-off cash payments, more jobs, and increased job security. At this stage, the PSA has had no offer put to it and has made no deal with the NSW Berejiklian Government.

On late Friday afternoon, the Government released a new Wage Freeze Regulation, freezing your pay. Although we are hopeful the Upper House will overturn this regulation this week, this Regulation is the sole action of this government in terms of your pay. Thank you to the thousands of members who showed their support after our bulletin last week HERE seeking the support of the crossbenchers.

The PSA has been negotiating with the Government for a pay rise through the Industrial Relations Commission since March. We are still looking to negotiate, but in the Commission we have been met with delays due to the Government not having a bargaining position until now.

The planned conciliation did not go ahead this morning. It will be rescheduled hopefully later this week, or next week.

All the while, the Government continues to use the media to run a campaign against the same employees who have this year saved the state during two of the worst events of living memory; the Black Summer bushfires and the COVID-19 crisis.

The PSA is fighting for a fair wage increase for members this year. We will also give members a say on any substantial offers, and any clearly articulated proposals put to us formally by the Government.

We also confirm that at this stage the pay rises in TAFE NSW, Transport and Schools will be paid as agreed. However, the Wage Freeze Regulation makes it clear that at the end of the current deals, the Government will try to impose its wage freeze on these members for 12 months.

Despite the media, the PSA has had no detail provided as to how a $1000 cash payment would work, how job security could be instigated when the Government’s own Regulation prohibits no forced redundancies, what effect this would have on the three per cent per annum efficiency dividend (budgeted job cuts) nor how assurances could be made to secure future years’ pay rises.

The PSA is meeting with other unions today and the PSA’s Central Council is meeting tonight. We will keep all members informed as these discussions continue.

Your union is the only body making wage claims on your behalf. Now is a good time to remind any colleagues who are not PSA/CPSU NSW members it is time to JOIN their union.

Yours faithfully,

Stewart Little
General Secretary

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