98.75% of SASS members vote to accept Pay Equity package with 19% to 35.8% pay increase - Public Service Association

98.75% of SASS members vote to accept Pay Equity package with 19% to 35.8% pay increase

Pay equity bulletin - Sept 2019 (PDF version)

The vote is in and with thousands of members voting, the message is loud and clear.

A huge 98.75 per cent of PSA SAS Staff members have voted to ACCEPT the pay equity package which will deliver once in a lifetime pay increases ranging from 19 per cent to 35.85 per cent over three years.

This is a resounding win for SAS Staff, the PSA and for women in NSW.

Thank you to all the members who voted. 

The input of members is vital and supports the work of the PSA. By voting on this landmark deal you have had a genuine say on how your union proceeds.

What happens now? 

Now that the vote is in, the PSA will proceed with the next steps in finalising the case.

The PSA’s legal team will attend a hearing today in the Industrial Relations Commission to report back on the outcome of the vote. The new Award will then be finalised by the Commission and will come into effect. The PSA will provide members further updates on the outcome of the hearing and next steps from there.

How you can support the work of the PSA and Delegates?

This win is evidence of what a strong union can do and was the result of many hours of hard work by members, delegates and the PSA.

If we have achieved this, imagine what else we can do if all SAS Staff are on board!

Now is the time for all SAS Staff to join so that we can keep fighting on the issues that affect our members including staffing ratios, violence in schools and permanency.

Forward this email to your colleagues and encourage them to JOIN today so they can be part of the next big win for SAS Staff!

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