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Corrective Services Rememberance Day

On this Friday, November 24, we gather to remember and honor our colleagues in Corrective Services who have tragically fallen while selflessly serving our community.

This day holds deep significance as we commemorate the Correctional Officers and supporting staff who navigate one of the most challenging and perilous workplaces within our community.

Every Correctional Officer deserves the assurance that they can go to work each day and return safely to their families and loved ones. Unfortunately, in this line of duty, such assurance is never guaranteed.

Too often, our dedicated members find themselves confronted with unpredictable and dangerous situations. That’s why we continuously advocate for stronger workers’ compensation provisions, recognising the unique challenges faced by those who serve in Corrective Services.

Remembrance Day provides us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to all Officers who tirelessly protect and serve the people of NSW.

May we honour the memory of those we have lost and may the commitment and sacrifice of our Correctional members never go unnoticed.

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