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Goulburn Correctional Centre: Dispute

Goulburn - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

On Tuesday, 2 February 2021, following a disappointing decision by a Local Court Magistrate in relation to assaults on three Officers, Goulburn Correctional Centre staff undertook restrictive action in not releasing inmates. However, they still provided essential services such as meals and medical assistance.

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) lodged a dispute in relation to this restrictive action and the matter was listed for conciliation at the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW at 9:00am this morning before Commissioner Sloan.

The PSA/POVB placed on record before Commissioner Sloan the frustration at the Magistrate’s decision from criminal proceedings, the continued reforms that our members have faced under Benchmarking, lack of job security, the PBCAP reforms all in the context of the wider issues that 2020 has brought us.

CSNSW stated that Commissioner Severin was disappointed with the decision of the Local Court Magistrate and supports its staff. It also stated it has sought the transcript of the decision and was looking at speaking to the Office of Public Prosecutions and seeking legal advice to look into avenues to appeal the Magistrate’s decision.

The PSA has ordered a transcript of the Magistrate’s decision and we will be seeking our own legal advice and making submissions against this decision.

At the conciliation before Commissioner Sloan, CSNSW was seeking a recommendation or orders from the Commissioner against the PSA and our members. However, the Commissioner was willing to accept an undertaking from PSA/POVB to not take any further industrial action in relation to this matter.

The PSA has asked for an extraordinary Delegates to Management (DTM) meeting be held to discuss the Mid North Coast CC matter, this decision by the Local Court and other issues that have happened recently. We have asked that this extraordinary meeting be attended by both Commissioner Severin and Minister Roberts.

We will update our members upon confirmation of this request.

Contact details

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Jason Charlton Vice Chairperson
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Amanda Cotter Secretary
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Thor Sutherland Assistant Secretary
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Darren King Country Vice Chair
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Natalie Howes Country Vice Chair
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Clinton Lamb Vice Chair Overseer
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David McCauley POVB Industrial Officer
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David Bartle POVB Industrial Officer
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Trish O’Brien Welfare Officer
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