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Mental Health Pathways meeting update

Further to our previous bulletin, a PSA members’ meeting was held for SAPOs who work at the Long Bay Hospital on 7 February 2023. Members expressed concern over the way the restructure was being handled in their area after having been told they had to elect whether they wanted to join the mental health pathways program or stay as a cluster SAPO by 27 January 2023. After the PSA wrote to CSNSW and advised that this was a breach of the consultation arrangements, CSNSW revised their position and consultation will continue regarding the proposed structure.

At the meeting members expressed significant dissatisfaction with how the restructure was taking place. In particular,

  • Members expressed that initially management had advised that only minimal change would affect SAPOs, however, the situation now appears much broader.
  • Members advised that while SAP changes are to take effect on 13 February 2023, management were giving members the impression that operational changes would start rolling out then too. This should not be the case, as members and the PSA must be consulted prior to any changes to roles at the sub directorate level.
  • Members highlighted that there was contradictory information in the documentation on the structure provided to them.
  • Members discussed the community/custodial split and raised concerns over industrial arrangements such as hours of work, flex time and allowances.
  • Members expressed concerns regarding the overlap in functions between justice health and the fact that justice health were employing additional staff.
  • Members expressed concerns over the lack of career progression within the LBH for SAPOs

The PSA apologies for the technical issues for members joining the meeting online. Further meetings will be organised for members across the former OS&P directorate.

Your PSA Industrial Staff

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

Chris Auld – Organiser

Your PSA Representatives

David Gould (Chairperson NCDC)

Scott Chapman (Vice Chair NCDC)

Stewart Burkitt (Secretary NCDC)

Kathy Dwyer
(Admin Metro)

Lindsay Wilkinson
(Head Office)

Linda Codling
(OS & P Metro)

Susan Pasmik
(OS & P Metro)

Maggie Bolger
  (OS & P North Coast, South West, South East)

Michael Puzicha
(OS & P Central West, Hunter, North West)



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