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Move to Parramatta from Henry Deane Building: Department continues to move the goal posts

The move to Parramatta is only weeks away and there remains little transparency about what is happening. The PSA met with Employee Relations & Workplace Transformation on 28 February 2022 and raised the following matters:

  • There is no senior leadership presence at PSQ6 (Parramatta Square). This is unlike other agencies CSNSW employees are sharing with at Parramatta.
    • Members are feeling abandoned and devalued.
    • Members are concerned that they will therefore be minimised and inconsequential within the PSQ environment
  • The plan so far indicates a further separation of the agency. The spread of CSNSW employees across PSQ7, PSQ8, Strawberry Hills, and Thomas St leaves members with a loss of identity, trust and loyalty; values that CSNSW encourages members to embrace
  • Fragmentation of workplace culture and loss of employer identity.
    • Members do not believe the Department can promote workplace culture in a disjointed work environment.
  • Members are concerned as to what the work day will look like particularly in regard to,
    • where they will be located,
    • the induction of new staff,
    • working from home for long periods with minimal face to face interaction, raising potential WHS issues

The matter has been listed as an agenda item for the Non-Custodial Consultative Committee meeting with the Department on 9 March. Once we get further information from the Department we will update members and request further consultation. The PSA notes that further consultation with the Department will occur during the implementation stage of the move.

PSA Delegate at Henry Deane Building

Lindsay Wilkinson

DC Delegate contacts

David Gould DC Chair

Stewart Burkitt DC Secretary

Non-Custodial and Community Corrections industrial staff

Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer

Chris Auld Organiser

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