POVB Bulletin July 2019 - Public Service Association

POVB Bulletin July 2019

POVB Bulletin - July

SCO Advertisement

The Executive has had an abundance of questions in regards to whether can SCOs apply for the SCO advertisement for promotions, as they may want to go to another location.

We made enquiries and the below is what we received from Director Buckley, after he spoke with Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran, on the matter:

Kevin & I met with SHR this afternoon to discuss a number of issues with one of them being around current substantive SCOs ‘claiming’ vacant SCO roles at different locations.

It was decided that until a future policy can be developed around this, that Directors can approve transfers for substantive SCOs to other locations. When the location is in a different region then both Directors need to agree. No TECA entitlements apply.

We will continue to liaise with CSNSW to get a policy formulated for members to have clarity.

Roster issues

At the Delegates Conference there were several issues that were raised by delegates.

These issues were later addressed at a meeting days later.

The issues and outcome are as follows:

Ghost rosters
These are not to be in use at all, the OSU assures us that this will no longer occur.

Business rules are in place for the master to be viewed at all times along with a live version that is to be continually updated.  Some centres have not been following the process of updating the live version

OSU ensures that all centres should be able to obtain (approve) swaps with no issues.

Staff wanting to take leave when on either C or B watches
If the 10 per cent of leave vacancies is not filled leave, cannot be unapproved. Officers on shifts purely have to make an attempt to swap to A watch. They cannot be knocked back if within 10 per cent.

OSU assures that Officers are not getting knocked back or declined leave if on watches and have ensured that they will update all centres to follow the business rules.

Lack of service on C watches from the OSU OSU will endeavour to improve service.

Changing Officers lines/shifts
OSU will investigate why Officers are getting changed lines without notice (JMCC). This should not occur without any notice.

Five reserves kept each day as a minimum and changing days off without consultation. OSU ensures this will not occur again

Acting up
A consistent approach. OSU is waiting for an AC memo in regards to this.

Delegates to Management meeting

Delegates attended PSA in June for the DTM. See the minutes from DTM HERE from the Executive and the attached minutes from the meeting with CSNSW management HERE.

New builds

As members would be aware, we have several new builds taking place across the state. Over the state by 2022 CSNSW will have close to 6000 new beds come on line.

We have raised in many forums what is happening with most importantly Grafton CC and any other old centre around the state. Clarence Centre (Private Centre) will come on line this time next year and will hold 2700 inmates. This will certainly have an effect on Grafton CC.

Due to this we have asked that the filling of the new build at Mid North Coast should be filled first by any officer that may want to transfer from Grafton to Mid North Coast.

We have also raised concerns for the other older centres and their possible closures. We have discussed this with the new Minister, in the IRC at benchmarking meeting and we have been informed that CSNSW will know more in September. As soon as we know what is proposed we will put out an immediate bulletin.

Mental health of staff

Since the PSA held a Mental Health Conference last year, the POVB Executive has been raising the concern to our past and present Minister, Shadow Ministers and CSNSW management. CSNSW has listened to our concerns and the concerns from other delegations of CSNSW on this matter.

CSNSW is forming a committee to look at best practice around Australia and from other countries on mental health and well- being. The committee will then look at what suits CSNSW. There will be PSA representation on this committee and we hope to make significant progress on this matter in the coming future. The POVB Executive sees this as one of our biggest issues in the coming years if we do not address the lack of assistance in the mental health and well-being of our members.

Contact details

Nicole Jess
Chairperson    0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson        0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter
Secretary         0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland
Assistant Secretary     0447 633 476

Darren King
Country Vice Chair      0407 935 039

Natalie Howes
Country Vice Chair      0407 011 441

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer           0419 022 767

David Bartle
POVB Industrial Officer           0418 425 976

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