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SPC Restructure: PSA takes Department of Communities and Justice to the Industrial Relations Commission

SPC Restructure - March 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA has escalated action around the drastic cuts and changes being proposed through the Strategy, Policy and Commissioning (SPC) restructure. 

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) has announced the SPC restructure will result in 175 ongoing roles as well as further temporary roles being cut from an area that has seen successive cuts through restructures over a number of years.

You can read our previous bulletin on this issue HERE

We sought the assistance of the Commission over the DCJ’s failure to genuinely consult with the union. The PSA and the Department will be in the Industrial Relations Commission, the court which rules on workplace matters, on Thursday at 2:00pm.

After the dispute application was lodged with the Commission, your Delegates and PSA staff meet with the Department and requested:

  • An extension of the paltry two-week consultation period
  • Details of the number of Expressions of Interest for Voluntary Redundancies received (by grade)
  • The number of vacant positions currently in SPC
  • That all remaining staff be directly appointed
  • An additional step in the placement process for SPC staff prior to advertising roles across DCJ
  • Details of how many temporary appointments are ending and when
  • A complete list of office locations impacted
  • A commitment from the Department not to fill vacant positions in the rest of DCJ until ensuring positions are available to staff who are unsuccessful in gaining a role in SPC
  • A commitment that no staff are declared excess until the placement process is completed
  • Details of why some areas of SPC are more greatly impacted than others by loss of jobs at particular grades.
  • Clarification of the three-part moderation process
  • Details of when staff can request an Internal Review of the process and who will conduct the review

The Department will provide answers to the issues we raised and have agreed to meet again in a fortnight.

The PSA will be arranging a series of virtual meetings in the coming days and we encourage all members to attend and have your concerns and questions raised.

The meetings will be open to all staff working in SPC to attend.

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