Urgent bulletin: payroll issue - Public Service Association

Urgent bulletin: payroll issue

Payroll issue - Sept 2019 (PDF version)

This notice is for all PSA members who choose to have their membership fees deducted via payroll deductions across Premier and Cabinet, Customer Service (Including SafeWork NSW and Service NSW) and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The PSA has been made aware that in your most recent pay, GovConnect have deducted your membership fees twice. This is an error made by GovConnect, and not the PSA, or your Department.

The extra deduction constitutes an unauthorised deduction from your remuneration. The PSA demanded all members affected receive an immediate refund for this unauthorised deduction.

The PSA contacted the Department of Customer Service to assist in resolving the issue. It advised that the Service Management Office has spoken to GovConnect and:

  • Received advice from GovConnect that the issue that caused the double deduction has been rectified
  • Additional deducted amounts will be refunded to staff
  • Customer Service are putting out advice to staff regarding the issue and the expected timing on refunds.

Switch to Direct Debit

This is another example of the poor service provided by GovConnect. The PSA recommends members to strongly consider switching their method of payment to direct debit or credit card.  Information on how to switch can be found at psa.asn.au/switch.

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