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PSA Term 2 update: extension of contracts, safety at school and staying connected with the union

We hope you all had a restful, if socially distanced, break and are ready for another unusual and challenging term.

The PSA is back on the road – organise a meeting or visit now

During the coming months PSA Organisers will be visiting schools to drop off information and to keep members informed.

If you would like a meeting at your school this can occur face-to-face, adhering to strict social distancing measures, or by teleconference or video call. 

If you would like a meeting please. don’t hesitate to contact your Organiser. Alternatively you can contact the schools team at %20"> or Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 to request a visit.

Your organisers are


  • Ann Attwater
  • Marisa Bosco
  • Susan Chee Quee
  • Surabi Alauddin
  • Les Marsden
  • Brett Hammond (GAs)


  • Paul James, Gino Di Candilo and Ian Braithwaite (Newcastle/Hunter)
  • Rebecca Riley and Asren Pugh (North Coast)
  • Bart Mackenzie and Shane Elliot (South Coast)
  • Steve Mears (North West)
  • Belinda Pearce (Central West)
  • Michelle Mackintosh (South West)

Win for 3000 Temporary Support Staff in Schools – the PSA is behind you

Late last week the PSA sent out a bulletin about a massive win for temporary employees who were living with employment uncertainty. Their contracts will now be rolled over into term 2.

This comes after weeks of your union raising the issue of extension of contracts and employee protections with the Department of Education and is another great win for PSA members.

Temporary employees can now continue to support students, teaching staff and their school communities as well as earn a living and support themselves during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As a member of the PSA you can be confident your workplace rights and protections will always be fought for. Your union will always be behind you.

With students slowly returning your safety is paramount

The Principal is responsible for the safety for all staff and students on site. If you have concerns for your health and safety, please raise them immediately with your Principal.

If the concerns are not addressed, please lodge an incident with the WHS line. Contact the PSA if no action is taken to address your concerns. 

We know that there are some difficult situations to manage while social distancing and we can provide guidance and assistance where necessary. 

If you are a member you can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679 for advice and support.

Professional development

The PSA encourages all members to think about what training and upskilling you can do throughout the term. The Department of Education has developed a range of professional development resources and professional learning sessions for staff to use during this time. 

Help your colleagues stay safe, protected and supported with the PSA!

Do you know someone who is not a member? 

You can support the work of the PSA and delegates to get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN the PSA.

All temporary and permanent staff can join the PSA including all School Administrative and Support Staff, Psychologists, General and Farm Assistants, paraprofessionals such as Community Liaison Officers and Business Managers.

Now more than ever you need your union to be strong and joining up your colleagues is the best way to support the PSA.

Other important PSA bulletins to read on Covid-19

2 April General Assistants and Farm Assistants

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