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Restructure update: PSA meets with CSNSW regarding S&I and the Investigations Branch

On 13th December 2022, the PSA met with Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) as part of ongoing consultation on the current restructure. Please find a summary of the meeting below.

CSNSW advised that following useful and insightful comments from members, the ‘go live’ date will be deferred until 13 February 2023. After the 19 December 2022, CSNSW will distribute a summary of feedback received during consultation and the changes that are being made to the proposed structure as a result of this feedback

Between 19 December 2022 and 13 February 2023, CSNSW may be able to transition some teams to the new structure while some still require further consideration of the feedback.

In summary, from the 19 December 2022, unless staff are advised otherwise by their Executive or the transition plan, operations are business as usual.

Security & Intelligence

The PSA requested information regarding the Work Release program. CSNSW advised there was no further restructuring planned for this area following changes earlier this year. However, there will be a change of reporting lines in relation to electronic monitoring. No further changes are envisaged by the CSNSW at this time.

The PSA raised the issue of electronic monitoring officers having to complete a Certificate IV in Community Corrections. CSNSW advised that this was not necessary, as members from electronic monitoring will not be doing Community Corrections work on the ground.

The PSA raised the issue of searching offenders as field officers from Community Corrections have the delegated power of custodial officers. CSNSW confirmed that this should not change, and this will be made clear to members by CSNSW.

The PSA requested information regarding the field officers and five-day rosters versus seven-day rosters. CSNSW advised that there are two categories of of leave and awards, if a member wishes to make a claim for parity on salary or leave, they can make a submission to management.

Internal investigations and Professional Standards

The PSA raised the issue that no consultation had occurred and there had been no communication regarding the merge and restructure of the CSNSW Investigations Branch and the CSNSW Professional Standards Branch. The PSA highlighted the ongoing stress and anxiety experienced by members as a result.

In response CSNSW confirmed that consultation had already commenced with the Investigations Branch and was represented by the current Acting Director.

CSNSW also confirmed consultation will be ongoing until the two areas have been merged and no decisions regarding the actual model have been made.

Assistant Commissioner Chantal Snell advised that she was unaware of the psychological impact the restructure was having on members. However, Assistant Commissioner Chantal Snell committed to visiting members at their workplace and holding a meeting.

CSNSW has also agreed to a further meeting with the PSA following the AC’s visit to members. This meeting will occur in early 2023.

PSA Industrial Staff

Chris Auld Organiser

Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer



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